Futsal Teams


Harambee Teams

  1. Hawks - HS Boys

  2. Minneapolis - HS Boys

  3. FC International - HS Boys

  4. Minneapolis - HS Boys

  5. Tigers - HS Girls


Harambee Sports Club is committed to the health of players and our community.


Masks must be worn at all trainings and we strongly encourage masks during league play if not otherwise required by the facility.

 High School & Middle School Teams 


Harambee Sports Club is preparing for the 2021-2022 MN Futsal League season.

If you are interested in playing on a competitive boys or girls futsal team, please complete our Harambee Futsal Team Inquiry form.  Completing this form does not guarantee placement on a team; you will receive confirmation via a separate communication.

Contact us if your team is interested in being part of the Harambee Sports Club.

Harambee Sports Club players will be registered in the MN Futsal League (US Youth Futsal sanctioned league) and participate in team/club trainings and free-play opportunities in the Twin Cities. Teams may participate in USYF Regional, National or other tournaments. Training and competitive play will be from November 2021 through March 2022.

As part of a competitive team experience, Harambee players will receive:

  • One or more days per week of futsal training by Harambee coaches for team members only

  • Harambee coach for 14 MN Futsal League games played on weekends

  • Limited number of scrimmages with other clubs

  • Uniform/Kit (for new players only); Home and away jersey and shorts, socks, training shirt, backpack with name, Harambee Hoodie, country patch, name

  • NON futsal events, get togethers as resources and schedules allow.

  • Harambee Houseplant

We estimate that participation on a Harambee league team will include approximately 50 hours of programming.

Players are expected to attend Harambee futsal training sessions whenever possible. This individual commitment to regular futsal training over the course of the season will lead to improved skills, team bonding, and an overall better competitive experience in League play.


  • Weekly FREE Free play for middle and high school-aged players

  • Optional FEE-Based Harambee futsal and/or strength and conditioning training that will be open to the public.

These extra programs are good option for players who can’t commit to league or want extra training. Schedules may be subject to change with Covid-19 and facility closures.

As part of our commitment to equity, Harambee Sports Club seeks to provide this competitive experience at a cost that players and their families can afford. When not free, Harambee futsal league fees will use a sliding fee scale that ranges from actual program expenses to a free option:  $500 | $375 | $250 | $125 | $0

We ask families to pay according to your means and ask that you consider the value and quality of the Harambee experience. The season is 5 months with approximately 50 program hours per player; 50 hours of quality programming at $500 is only $10/hour.

For questions about Harambee Futsal teams and league play contact Coach Pete Munene, 612.396.9511 or pete.munene@harambee.us