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 Harambee Houseplant Project 


Share your houseplants with young people!


Harambee Sports Club has an ongoing community engagement and wellbeing project collecting houseplant cuttings from friends and neighbors. Plant cuttings will be propagated, potted and distributed to teens participating in our programming.


Providing houseplants to young people (often one’s first) provides opportunities to nurture life while relieving stress and improving mood and creativity.


Harambee Sports Club is in the process of distributing houseplants to over 50 teenagers but we are looking to continue growing new plants in order to make them available to as many young people as possible. It’s our hope that our recipients will in turn grow new plants to share with others.

Plants are currently potted in 6.25x5.5" planters with saucers and will be provided free of charge based on availability. 


We are actively seeking donations of Pothos (Epipremnum aureum; also known as Golden Pothos, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy) and other easy to care for houseplants. Cuttings of long, healthy vines are preferred. Donations may be dropped off or Harambee Sports Club will make arrangements to pick up your cuttings.


To make a donation of cuttings, request a houseplant or volunteer with our houseplant project complete the form below.

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